I play mainly 60's and 70's music. I'm a huge fan of Hendrix and would like to get close to a british (Marshall) kind of tone. I don't use much distortion and I'm planning on buying a hendrix fuzz (by the way if anyone has comments on that). So can anyone tell me which amp is best between the Vox AC15 (no alnico blue) and the Epiphone Custom Blues 30. I have tried the Vox and loved it, sounded like Zeppelin. But a doubt was appeared when i saw the ridiculous pricetag of the all tube 30 watts Epiphone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Between those two, the Vox. But for the money, you can do better. Consider a Peavey Delta Blues, which has a similar tone to the Vox, but twice the power and two switchable channels. The Traynor YCV 20 crushes everything in it's class if you're looking for a 15W amp.
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