Hey guys check out our new song entitled Aladdin's Magical Carpet Ride.


Let me know what you think and if there is anything I can crit for you, let me know.
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the levels on the drum in the just need get lifted a bit and eq'ed

the tone of the guitar sounds nice both the clean and distortion

vocals may be needed? or something to be added to make it more full if u no what i mean

the riff at the 140 mark is cool both drums part and guitar riff nicely done

the composition is good but it seems to change themes to quickly like it might be 32 bars then it changes completly if that makes sense as well but some of the riff are cool as

the guitar solo is great from what i heard a lot of panning was used in it but overall it was a good solo got my attention

the song was great u guys played it very well not really much more to add though nice work
I agree with Martindecorum, the drums do need to be tweaked a bit. Other than that, wonderful.
Thanks guys!

And I def. agree about vocals needing to be added, sadly I can't sing and nor can we find anyone who can.

Also, about the themes changing quickly, we do that in fear of us without vocals being boring. Maybe we should have the themes reoccur later in the song though.
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Make sure to stay in time with the drums, theres a few points where you get out. Overall it isn't too bad, I could definitely see vocals coming into play, and some of the riffs feel like they're just in there to take up space so you may want to reassess that if you feel the same way.

http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=836497 if you don't mind
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Yeah, I believe there are a few times when I am off. I'll need to work on that.

Also, by riffs taking up space, what do you mean? Do they feel forced or not fitting?

Thanks for the crit, I'll check out your tunes.
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