Troubles will come,
Troubles will go,
Troubles will find there way back home.

Jesus walked the water,
And I walk through fire.
Neverending nights with no sleep.
Late night calls, baby please don't weep.
We'll get through this somehow,
They're just trying to keep me down,
Over the little things.
I aint said a damn word since then,
Still I'm getting the best of him.
Not giving up that easily.

(Verse2)-Still in Progress-

Hanging all my negatives
On one nail
Sort out all my positives
It never fails
One day, One night
God'll shed some light
One day, One night
She'll be by my side

Don't crucify me,
Never cut me down.
I'm just a normal boy,
Chasing the love I've found.

(Repeat Chorus)

Still in progress but i think it's coming on great...what do you think?
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my last fail was breaking up with my gf.

that's going to suck for a while

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Well, not really haha!