well not a big fan of them but I have their songs on ipod, and only recently(actually today) I found out that pete wentz is the bassist and not the main vocalist!(saw a live and did a quick wiki)

In music videos of fob you usually see him the most, is this because he's the most "goodlooking"? it's kinda unfair to the lead singer I think...
He writes all the lyrics and talks during the interviews.
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I do believe you just used Blink 182 and hard rock in the same sentence. It would seem you're rather confused.
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You had their songs, but you didn't know who the singer was. You're pretty ignorant.

How is that ignorant? If he's never seen pictures of them until now but heard PETE WENTZ PETE WENTZ a million times before, what could he possibly assume?
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Cause no-one wants to sit and look at a ginger-high pitched vocalist whilst having him sing to?

Only kidding btw.

He's had to most exposure to the media from Jessica Alba & his showing his penis on the internet.
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Is there any black people on UG?
I don't think a lot of black people play guitar anymore.

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they all kinda went extinct after hendrix really.

Needless to say, I lol'ed.

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yeah I dont watch tv all that much, I just like listening to music and usually don't pay attention to visuals
Pretty much the greatest thread of all time as a matter of fact.

Pete actually does some screaming vocals but they sound horrible live. I mean HORRIBLE.