Hey guys, I just bought a MIM Fender SSS Strat in White. Maple fretboard from guitar center. I only paid $200 for it! It's in almost new condition, but it just needs a setup really bad. Crazy eh? I guess Guitar Center isn't so bad. :P haha.

Edit: It comes with a hardshell case too!
Awesome. Squiers can cost more than that.
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Awesome. Squiers can cost more than that.

mine did
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Good find, bro. What needs setting up?

Just the intonation, truss rod, and action. Pretty basic stuff. I'll do it myself, and probably shield it all up. Hopefully it will be a pretty good guitar.
great find. And with a hardshell case. Verrry nice, i really like white Strats for some reason.
Awesome find. I found my white MIM SSS for $250 at GC. In case you're wondering why, I found it was because it had been sitting in the back and was a year or 2 old (serial code said 05/06), and GC couldn't legally pass it off as a new guitar, so it was on clearance. I was determined to find something wrong with it too :P
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