Basically I'm off to uni next year and well as good as my xxx has been to me I very seriously considering parting with it, and purchasing a smaller amp better suited to my music tastes. I mean when I wanted to play metal, it was all well and good, but I'v turned away from playing metal. Scene kids killed my hopes and dreams of being in a metal band.

Anyhow I have a Peavey xxx 112 combo with a switch pedal and as far as I can tell its in fairly good nik (although the switch pedal cable is a little dodgey. )

Since the combo's are not being manufactured any more, what do you think this would fetch on ebay in the uk?

I can't find any thing to compare it to :/ so im asking for your help
I'm pretty sure they still make the Combos.

You could probably fetch half or a bit more than what you paid for it.
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Gah, i so wanted one of these a few months back, before i got my flextone. I think you'd be looking in the region of £280-£300, that's my guess anyway.
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