Take it to the only torrents thread. Depends on your internet connection and the number of seeds and the size of the file, anyway.
do they slowly become mp3's because i could only play one song at the moment

10.6 has downloaded so far
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torrents are illegal
tut tut

they can be used for legitimate things

linux isos download uber fast
Comcast implemented some kind of a system that really slows down torrents, so I hope they're not your ISP. But besides that, it all depends on how many uploaders there are and the bandwidth they can handle. It usually starts slow, but I get around 100Kb after a half hour.
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torrents are illegal
tut tut

Turns out they're not.
And it depends on to many things. We can't tell you how long it takes.
And wether or not you can access individual files before it's done also depends on things. Wether it was uploaded as a zip folder or as individual files. And even then you have to wait until that individual file is done.
Go into your router options, go to the NAT settings and make your computer fully open to the internet. May be called the DMZ. This will allow your torrenting client to have an accessed port to watch for with.