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ok, so i was out at my girlfriends earlier, she just moved house and i as i was walking out i saw the headstock of a guitar poking out of her bin, so i decided to have a look, she said it was the previous house owners because they just cleaned the house out. So there i was digging into a bin when suddenly what i thought was a crappy dead epiphone or LP copy was a...............


now, i'm not gonna keep it until i'm certain the owner can't be traced because I am a nice person and i'd feel pretty **** to lose one of these things

if by chance the owner is on the site pretty often you can pm me the details of the house to prove its yours then i'll get in contact with you

and just so you know i'm not gonna take it to the police

but i am asking neighboors and stuff about the owners possible whereabouts, this guy sure wasn't very sociable, or smart for that matter for leaving such a precious thing around to get thrown away.

pics up soon if i can find my camera

oh and, if the owner is somewhere here, PLEASE dont get in contact with me
i'm waiting a month from today, then its MINEEEEEE

Its mine...
not slash's


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Pics or it didn't happen



People dont just chuck stuff like that away
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People dont just chuck stuff like that away

my girlfriend threw it out thinking it was crap (women huh) because it was left with a load of other stuff, they were smart enough to keep the HD tv
Its mine...

The house has a front door...couple of windows. Theres rooms inside, sometimes a bathroom. The bathrooms have toilets in them...the sinks were strange though, it was like a bowl of water and i could flush down the water to get some new water if i wanted...

so yeah anyway the guitar is mine, ill just PM you my address and take it then
well arnt u one lucky bastard! and like u kno like everyone who sees this is gonna says its theres.
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sounds like you have a severe case of the's quite common in the pit really just sleep it off
The house number is 62, it's a white/red house, and there are exactly 3 steps leading up to the door. It's mine.
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the gold top one with a floyd?
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Wow you found it? It's been mine for 3 years...My wife threw it away because I had a fight with her and she wanted to get back at me. The house looks like any other house but there is no lava lamp in the basement. The living room doesn't have 20 curtains and the kitchen isn't larger than the house itself. If all above applies to house please send me the guit....oh what the hell...GIMME!!!

you lucky bastard
i decided i'm not a nice person and i'm going to keep it. get some mod to close this, pics up in new thread as soon as i find my phone (damn things outta battery)
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i decided i'm not a nice person and i'm going to keep it. get some mod to close this, pics up in new thread as soon as i find my phone (damn things outta battery)

hahaha, good for you! a guy that bins his instrument doesnt deserve it!
Haha a couple minutes in The Pit and some poor guy is out of a Gibson Les Paul.
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hahaha, good for you! a guy that bins his instrument doesnt deserve it!

my reasoning exactly sept he just left it in the house to be thown away, same thing i guess

this guy was a moron as well as this and a HD t.v he left a massive computer screen and a really cool PC sound system

he must have been in a real hurry- maybe he was on the run?, but even if i was i wouldnt leave such a beauty, it would be the 2nd thing i'd grab (after my balls)
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It's mine, I just moved to Sweden. Please contact me as soon as you can.
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it is mine and it is at my old's a gibson les paul Neil schon and i barely even touched it so its in perfect condition.
thats werid. i had a dream i was in a field, and in the distance i saw a gibson headstock, i ran over and found a les paul!

PICS!!! or it dident happend
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pics or gtfo
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dude post pics. and whats the deal? he also gave your gf a HD TV? are you sure you didnt fall for one of them craigslist scams?
My god take it and run you lucky bastard.
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