So lately i've been trying to learn some new songs that somewhat hard to play and would go much smoother if i had better control of pinky. i've tried and the search bar and there isn't much on the way of pinky excersices. if you guys could suggest some, that'd be super. thanks
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Major and minor scales over and over again. When you feel you're getting better with your pinky, mix them up a bit and play some songs that you know have four fret stretches, that way you will HAVE to use your pinky.
Exactly as Bullet-Rule said, I just learned to play minor scales really freaking fast around the 12th fret A string.

Once you have that down, you should be able to just use that knowledge to play anything else with the use of your pinky.

Why is "pinky" not in the dictionary? It's giving me the red underline.
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Why is "pinky" not in the dictionary? It's giving me the red underline.

Because it's "pinkie".

Anywho, scales are your best friend for pinky exercise. Also, try playing songs that have a four fret stretch with your pinkie.
You could also try hammering on from ring finger to pinkie then pulling off again to ring and going up and down the strings and frets like that. Thats helped me develop some strength in my pinkie and help get the scales all having notes played with equal strength and volume.
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alright, thanks for the help guys. time to go work out my pinkie.
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