This is only what I have so far and i'll probably add another verse and a bridge or something. Not a serious song at all, I've been using some really feel good happy chords when I play it too, i've gotten laughs when I've played it before. G, G13, C, C13

The world is dying
it's coming to an end
so many problems
that someone needs to mend

there's people in the street
that are prob'ly gonna die
and global warming
makes al gore cry

and it's true
I blame exclusively you

children do drugs
and hate themselves
while no one believes
that santa has elves

gas is expensive
it's getting out of hand
I just saw an orange
eat an old man

and it's true
I blame exclusively you
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meh, I've listened to every radiohead album and honestly don't get what everyone loves about them.....

cause you're ****ing stupid

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and it's true
I blame exclusively you

Best lines in the song by far, it's memorable even without a melody behind it. It also seems so powerful compared to the rest of the writing. Like a sucker punch of sincerity.
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