i'm looking for a les paul copy and have around 200 pounds to spend. i like the look of the tokai love rock but it is a bit expensive. whats the best copy i can get for this money? thanks
Im not sure about vintage but the agile I played was quite nice. I think it was 3000 w/ p90's, im pretty sure that my friend changed the p-90's tho because the stock ones were quite dark for a p-90.
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second-hand japanese copy? (and a good deal at that...)
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I know I would've suggested an Agile too but yeah it just can't happen due to his location. Maybe ebay it but eh, for some reason I feel it's more sketchy than ordering from rondomusic.
I know they're heavy guitars, but I don't think they weigh that much.
Yeah, I should think with a little looking, you could find a Les Paul under 20 pounds. Still heavier than many basses, through.