Let's say I wanted to tune to drop c. I would plug my guitar into my electronic tuner, and pluck the low e string until my tuner says C, and each string until each one has been tuned to CGCFAD?
you have to press the flat button three times i think? and tune it as normal to e-a-d-g-b-e
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^You have a weird tuner. Detune it until it hits the note you want.

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you could use guitar pro's tuner
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It depends on what kind of tuner you have. If you have a guitar tuner, just lower the note of the string until it hits the note you want, but if you have a regular tuner for any instrument, the note displayed will be in Concert key, not E flat.

If you find yourself out of a tuner, you can also tune by ear. There are probably more clear explanations than mine, but ill give it a try:

Tune your low E string to D, hold down the 5th fret on that string and pluck that string and the A string. Lower the A string's pitch until it is the same note as the 5th fret on the low D string (Low E in standard tuning). Do the same with all of the strings except the B. To tune the B down, press the 4th fret (instead of the 5th)

Then, once youre strings are tuned down a step, lower the D a whole step down to C.
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