put very simply, how would you take a guitar that feels very average to play and make it feel very nice to play?

i was thinking get the frets changed for jumbos (because i like jumbo frets) changing the nut, the bridge/ saddles, strings and making sure its set up, but i cant really think of anything else that would really change anything?

any ideas?
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Well the neck is the most important thing in terms of 'playability'. Also make sure that the action is nice and low, the strings aren't rusty and there's no pickup interference with picking hand.
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why would you change the saddles?
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different saddles might make the bridge feel nicer when you're palm muting
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Lower action, and I prefer a natural neck that has been sanded down really smooth instead of having a finish on it.
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different saddles might make the bridge feel nicer when you're palm muting

thats the one. low action should be solved by a set up. i think ive got everything that i can change really, was just wondering if anyone had anything too add. its just at the moment i'm doing a guitar up for my sister, and i want it to be as good as it can be for her, so i'm trying to make it play a little better.
get it setup in shop lemonize the fingerboard action + intonation setup for tuning and gauge, truss rod etc
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