Hey guys, I posted a thread like this last year and got a couple responses, hopefully the thread will live a bit longer this time. Basically what I am interested in is show swapping for some tour dates that I need to fill. This is mainly for Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, or possibly Michigan bands. Here's the way our little trip is routed

6.06.08 The Next Level-Start of Summer Tour
6.07.08 Tour- South Bend/Goshen, IN area
6.08.08 Tour- Toledo, Ohio area
6.09.08 Tour- Columbus/Dayton/Cinci, OH area
6.10.08 Summer Tour- Columbus/Dayton/Cinci, OH area
6.11.08 Summer Tour- Lexington, KY area
6.12.08 Summer Tour-Lousiville, KY area
6.13.08 Summer Tour- Cincinnati, OH or Indianapolis, IN areas
6.14.08 Summer Tour- Fort Wayne, IN area
6.15.08 End of Tour-The Next Level w/ Life in Shadows and Retalliation

Obviously if we get an offer that is within reasonable driving distance we can re route some things. We can as always hook up anyone that helps us out with a show in our area. We are from Southern Indiana. You can listen to us here