Trying to get enough money for a new amp, like a cube 30 or a vox ad30vt, or maybe a valve junior.

What I have in terms of video games is Diablo II + Lord of Destruction and a brand new copy of World of Warcraft, still sealed in box. The main reason I'm selling these is so that I am never again tempted to play them. Both are too addictive. Diablo II has been used and I'm not sure if I could find anything besides the cd case and cd's. I'd also much prefer if you are an out of the area buyer that I simply email or pm you the cdkeys.

I also have a roland micro cube, but only if it involves trading for an amp, since it's all that I have.

I am willing to trade or send first with any trusted buyers. Not willing to send first to anyone without any history.

PS. I'm located in millersville maryland.
lol, world of warcraft. i would buy but im broke.
Im from maryland too. right up in towson
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The Microcube, if I'd trade my amp, what would you want the value (new) of the amp to be? Mine is in mint condition (I hate to use the word mint, but it applies here), 15W amp, but great clean channel and also great overdrive...
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