im not sure if this is the right forum so sorry if not....

I need a album picture for my solo project im doing....im not to good with that stuff so could any one make it for me....the only thing i will require is it to have "Chris L Solo Project" on it the rest of the background or tht stuff is up to you....PLEASE HELP
So you're going to aptly name the album for your solo project: "Chris L Solo Project".

Whoever said creativity was dead?
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can anybody do something better haha...PLEASE

I know you dont mean that...
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I know you dont mean that...

He just dissed your drawing dude, I wouldn't take that
Tell me how to add a picture to a comment and I'll happily give you a really cool pic I took when I was in Morroco. I never bothered figuring out how and I have no time to either.