i'm pretty sure, thats just like a normal voice slowed down to 50% and distorted

nick mason, slowed down and sent through a ring modulator
I believe in the original, they had Nick Mason (the drummer) record that line, then they slowed it down heavily.

EDIT: Beat to it. Great song btw!
Well that effect is produced by putting some effects on Nick Mason's voice in the actual song, though I'm sure you would be able to produce a similar effect using FL Studio.
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Ok i've got the FL studio but what shall i do??

if you do want to do the entire robot voice thing I'm pretty sure theres a voice synthesizer somewhere in fruity loops, can't remember where to find it

otherwise just record your voice in whatever program, slow it down (audacity can do this but I'm pretty sure you can stretch samples in fruity loops too) and I've got a feeling that you could find a ring modulator effect somewhere in FL

otherwise just google "ring modulator VST" and you should find a plugin

if not, you can kind of cheat it in Audacity by doing a tremolo effect and typing in the frequency by hand to something really high (like around 400hz)

they used a ring modulator to do the daleks in Dr Who as well
On the side bar of FL Studio just go on speech and select a voice and then when you drag it to the Step Sequencer it should come up with some options that you can use to modify.
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I totally forgot that I can just highlight text and press shift+s to make the robot voice speak it. Awesome. I'm gonna use that for song intros.