are they decent guitars?
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decent? yes. great? no. I had a few. a PRS and Wolfgang ripoff. I wish I hadn't even bothered. they have zero resale value, I took a huge hit on them. they don't play very nice, and they're kind of heavy as well. I can't remember what kind of wood they used? it wasn't something common.

the pickups and electrical components are all junk. the finishes had small blemishes.

honestly, I would recommend ponying up and just spending a few hundred more dollars and getting the real deal.

also, thier customer service is non-existent. I lost the whammy arm to the floyd on the the wolfgang ripoff, and couldn't get a new one.

I can't strongly recommend them.
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Their Strat knock-offs are awesome. I've played 2 in my local music shop, and it was enough to convince me. I ordered one yesterday, and if I still like it after a few weeks I plan on getting another one.
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I don't mind mine (JT-55), but since I got my Epiphone (G-400) I haven't played it much. The G-400 feels like a much nicer guitar. The finish on my Jay Turser was great, but the glossy neck felt not too quick.

It's not bad, and considering it cost the same as an Epi SG Special and is 90% as good as the G-400 I can't complain too much.
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I have two jay turser guitars and both are flawless and play just like i want them too! I have a warlord and a double neck jt-xg2 and i would buy them all over again if i had too!!!
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I have a JT Strat and I absolutely hate it. It was great to learn on but once I got good it really started to annoy me. The neck is too wide and it never stays in tune.
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