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so... once again... I am going to waste your time with yet another, pointless n completely stupid thread.

I wanna know what picks you guys use

I personally have 3 that I'm attached to.

numbah 1:

Dunlop Tortex Heavy 1.14mm

numbah 2:

Dunlop Nylon .73mm

numbah 3:

Dunlop Aluminium Teckpick Brass.
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Carmel is hawt
The heaviest pick there is

Seriously. I have Dunlop 3mm and its pretty damn amazing

Otherwise i would go with number 3
I'd die without my triangular Dunlop Tortext .70mm
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1mm BigStubby picks usually

however I have also got a couple of stainless steel picks, they're pretty awesome, but my guitar teach forbade me from using them because when i palm mute you can hear the metal against metal of the pick on the strings
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Dunlop tortex! Maybe pointy ones!
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all I know is that they're .46mm, the writing on them has rubbed over time
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Dunlop Gator Grip .96mm
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1. my thumb

2. my pointer finger

3. my middle finger.
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dunlop 3mm (I think. I can't read the numbers anymore)
one of them is purple with a turtle and the other is blue with an alligator
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Dunlop tortex .88s (The green ones).
Occasionally the 3mm Big Stubby though.
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Dunlop Big Stubby
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.73 mm snarling dogs
BRAIN Picks.
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1. my thumb

2. my pointer finger

3. my middle finger.

Stupid bassists.

For me it's the red one.
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Stupid bassists.

For me it's the red one.

What about classical guitar? Fingerpickinggg
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jazz iii, black stiffo!

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.20, and around that.

If I can fit it between my teeth, I'll use it.
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The orange one!!
it's so beautiful
That was a rare post..

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Hmmm, I use the orange Dunlop tortex ones. I don't really know if they are the kind I should use, since I both play solos and just about anything, but its what I'm used to.
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What about classical guitar? Fingerpickinggg

And only use three fingers?

What the hell are you talking about?
I've got one really worn out (tip is nearly round) green tortex pick I'm quite attached to.
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either my lucky fender hard rock cafe pick (medium)

or my other equally lucky yellow dunlop tortex .73 mm.

any other pick i use just doesn't feel right.
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Jazz III (red)
Fender heavy.
green dunlop tortex (not sure the thickness)
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Fender heavies are the best picks I've ever used.

Hell yeah!

I bought some budget picks on ebay, and were such a mistake. They get shredded up and turn circular after a few hours play time.
.88mm (or thicker) orange Wedgies.


3mm Dunlop Big Stubby.

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