My girlfriend's cousin is selling an acoustic guitar to her for a good price. He sent a picture to her and he told her that the brand was Montana. We googled it and couldn't find it anywhere online. Maybe Montana is the model and not the brand?


Unfortunately the picture doesn't show the headstock......
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It looks nice though, a flame top, sunburst and binding on the neck.
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It looks nice though, a flame top, sunburst and binding on the neck.

I can almost guarantee that's a cheap laminate top, shoddy poly finish, and boring white plastic binding. It's a start, but it really depends on the price they're asking.
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Yeah, I own a Montana (not the same model, mind you), and they're pretty much budget starter guitars. Made in Indonesia, laminate top, but at the same time I got nice solid, somewhat bass-y tones out of it.

I think Longhairedrockr has it right. About $100 - $200 new.
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