TheSaurus!! <<< That's the link!!

We are in the middle of writing songs and recording them.

And our MySpace will be (almost) professional soon!

There are 2 badly recorded covers of The Pretender on there.
Don't rate us on those, they're just there to make it look like we've done stuff.

Also note, that we think the logo is good. But could be improved!
Please give us feedback and we'll see what we can do!

So please add, so you can say you knew us before we were famous!
Obviously a more confident joke than we are


Thanks, from the band
Hi there,

No offence, but the band name is really quite bad

Other than that, I'll listen to it when I'm at home so as not to piss off my girlfriend's mother in the living room. Don't put yourself down as a joke just yet, we haven't heard the new stuff yet either
Its a cool name! and not i'm not being influenced because i'm a band member...

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band name aint that great i think you guys should think of a name change lol
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