I didnt know where else to put this...

What is the CHEAPEST digital video camera that I can buy that will give me good enough quality, no bluriness, etc etc to video myself playing guitar?

We use videos in all of the other sports I play to critique our technique and abilities and improve...so i figure ill try the same with guitar.

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well cheap and good quality are going to definitely clash here
if you want a good digital video camera you're gonna have to spend some money.
i have a cannon powershot (not sure of the model # or anything), and that takes some pretty good looking/sounding video. plus its useful when i get drunk and wanna take awesome kewl facebook pix.

i think the camera usually goes for like... $200? or look at ebay if you want it cheaper.
well i meant cheapest good one...not flat bone cheap.

so i'm looking for the cheapest quality camera...so the powershot gives you decent sound quality and no blurrs?
Jackson KV2 USA Snow White/Black Bevels
well you should use the video camera just for video, and use a good audio recording set up for the sound, then mix it together.
well again, im not looking to do this for anyone but myself.
the sound doesnt have to be amazing, just decent.
Jackson KV2 USA Snow White/Black Bevels