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Pretty self explanatory..the kinds of bands where its a leap of faith from a suggestion someone told you..and you discover something amazing and want to share it with those around you.

Two Rules:

Talk a little about them

Suggest a Song

For me:

Brand New

.awesome band, love the progression and development over the 3 albums

- Quiet things that no one ever Knows - from Deja Entendu

- Handcuffs - The Devil and God are raging inside of me

Explosions in the Sky

Post-rock/instrumental....words cant describe how beautiful and moving some of these instumental songs are...suits any mood at any time of incredibly relaxing and emotionally engaging

Your hand in mine- from "the earth is not a cold dead place"

Glittering Blackness- from " How Strange, Innocence"

I look forward to discovering some new music

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melodic, great singing and screaming, mixture of both, absolutely awesome, best abnd on the planet!

listen to : Rise Up, Black Rose Dying, Could Tell A Love (ideally the whole 'His Last Walk' album)
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Cream, they're very much underrated.
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Cannibal Corpse - death metal

Awesome band, very talented, insane riffs/basslines, F***ING BRUTAL!

some of their best songs would be Hammer Smashed Face, Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Devoured By Vermin, Make Them Suffer(yes, it's where i got the name from), Submerged In Boiling Flesh, Stripped Raped and Strangled, Frantic Disembowelment, Sentenced To Burn.
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Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Doors.

Self explainitory. there amazing and have some great messages to.
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prog rock/virtuoso - unbelievable musicianship, there are only three members, and each of them is among the best, if not THE best, at their respective instruments. the reason i'm mentioning Rush is because i wish people could overlook Geddy Lee's voice (which some find annoying) and just appreciate the music.

freewill, tom sawyer, roll the bones, 2112, spindrift, circumstances, working man
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outworld- prog metal
they have the shred master rusty cooley on guitar, the lyrics are awesome and they are true masters

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soundgarden- grunge, alternative metal
they have a heavy sound with crazy vox and mysterious guitars.

songs: Beyond the wheel, Jesus christ pose, All your lies,
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Neutral Milk Hotel-Indie Accoustic

This is worth checking out for anybody even if Indie Accoustic is not your thing. They have mind blowing lyrics. If anybody could disclose the meaning of life its this guy.


"Oh Comely" is the best but it is 8:00 minutes long so "Communist daughter" or "King of Carrot Flowers" might be better first song choices.

Oh Comely (youtube)

King of Carrot Flowers

I can't find a really good version of Communist Daughter but It's worth looking for one.

Of Montreal --Indie/psycodelic

These guys are starting to gain in popularity but seem to be pretty unknown definately worth a check out at least. Their music and music videos are really trippy and they really mix up their sound so it doesn't get boring.

Requiem for O.M.M.2

Gronlandic Edit

From the Headline--Indie/Rock

This is a band from Milwakee WI and they are really way better than the credit that the recieve. Normally when I go to a local show I know exactly what the guitar player is doing and cant hear the vocals at all, exact opposite with these guys.
Seriously the best unsigned band I have ever heard.

Monologue is their best song and "The Number 14" is very good too but I dont think its available on their myspace.

From The Headline (myspace)

(Seriously everybody should check them out and support them they really deserve a record deal) *No they are not my friends*

I guarantee anybody regardless of taste will be impressed with at least one of those. I have yet to meet anybody who wasn't.
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brand new.

amazing no matter how much they've changed and how depressing they might get.
Jude Law and a Semester Abroad, Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades, Jesus

circa survive.

just plain godly.
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Meat Puppets: indie, college-rock, grungyesque alternative.

Songs = Violet Eyes, Aurora Borealis, We Don't Exist, Plateau

Blind Melon: alternative rock

Songs = Galaxie, Deserted, Dear 'Ol Dad, No Rain
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HIMSA Metal/Hardcore band from Seattle. They just let a new album out last year, but i think it went un noticed. Theyve been around since the late 90s
Theyre SUCH nice guys and would do anything for their fans...even trapse back out to the bus in the snow to get me a belt buckle coz theyd sold out and i wanted one HAHA

Suggest a Song: Girl In Glass from Courting in Tragedy and Disaster
coz i got to do the intro scream

but no thats a good album anything before that, before John joined isssss .........weird
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Between the Buried and Me

-Amazing progressive death metal/metalcore band. Their album Colors was not only voted best metal album of the year but it is personally my favorite album of all time. It just seems like whenever I try to show my friends them (even metalheads) they just think it's noise or they just think it's crappy metalcore.

-Alaska, Ants of the Sky, White Walls, Selkies (An Endless Obsession)


-A freaking great punky emo band. If you're a teenager, you can relate to at least one of their songs lyrics.

-Boxcar, Save Your Generation, Condition Oakland, I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both

American Football

-A mellow, but still emotional indie band. They just make you feel like it's a summer night and you're in love.

-Never Meant, I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional


-Intense, energetic, and often times beatiful Japanese screamo/hardcore with a bit of a post rock feel

-A Warm Room, Farewell to Words,

Cap'n Jazz

-Hell, I have no idea how to explain them but I love 'em

-Little League, Oh Messy Life, Take On Me (it's a cover)

Protest the Hero

-A great metalcore, borderline mathcore band. They've got some extremely technical stuff and they use about 70% singing vocals.

-Sequoia Throne, Bloodmeat, Heretics and Killers


-The best screamy, melodic, hippy punk band ever.

-Can't Change Everything, Go, Voice

Well that was fun. Now go check out these bands.
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He is Legend

Theyre awsome. Hardcore/Metal

Songs: The Seduction, The Creature Walks, China White.....anything from the album I Am Hollywood
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Procol Harum

Early Prog rock/proto prog.

Songs: "Repent Walpurgis", "Whiter Shade of Pale", "Conquistador" and many others.
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Blind Guardian:

Power Metal/Symphonic Metal

They started off thrashy, fast and heavy, but lightened up over the years and are now melodic. The epic storylines and all round songwriting are brilliant. The diverse sound makes it easy to get into them whether your a fan of thrash/speed (early era) or more mellow stuff (later). They're also a good stepping stone into metal.

Songs to check out: Valhalla, I'm Alive, The Bard's Song, Nightfall, Mirror Mirror, Battlefield.
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Between The Buried and me- Metalcore/Prog Metal
Opeth- Death/Prog Metal
Minus the Bear- Indie Rock
Pelican- Instrumental post-metal/basically a heavier version of Explosions in the Sky
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blink 182


Porcupine Tree

Progressive Rock/Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock

Led by the amazing Steven Wilson, who has worked with Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth. Really cool British progressive band that is actually quite accessible.


Fear Of A Blank Planet
Mellotron Scratch
Pure Narcotic
Baby Dream In Cellophane
The Sky Moves Sideways
Blackest Eyes
Piano Lessons
vintage x metal
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Third Eye Blind

Now, we've all heard the happy-go-lucky tune Semi-Charmed Life, but most werent even phased by the irony of the title going along with the poppy 'do do do's. After a good listen, one can find flowing, bittersweet lyrics hidden up the sleeves and masked with feel-good melodies. After exploring the self-titled album, it's hard not to be in love with this band.. I have yet to find better lyrics, and the songs are all approachable, unique, and dynamic. The swells and sways of Narcolepsy and Graduate are all but pop, mixing some lack of identity, a pinch of self-judgement, and a touch of angst in a delicious mix. The albums to follow are also great, but their first really takes the cake for me.


I don't care if you hate rap. All you've probably heard is the crap on the radio, and anything by a black artist is probably classified as 'rap' to you.
That aside
Outkast is by far my favorite hip hop group in the present. They're unique, innovative, trippy, creative, catchy, and sexy all rolled into one. People generally assume that after a song like Hey Ya, they're the typical overplayed mainstream waste on MTV, but I assure you, they are extremely talented and different. Plus, being able to dance your ass off to it is always a fabulous perk =]
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muse. Their sound rocks and they are a bit different then your average band.
some songs to check out are:
map of the problematique
supermassive black hole
kinghts of cydonia

another band to check out is All Time Low. They are from my town and they are starting to go big. the songs they play are not too complicated, but they sound great. You can check them out at
some good songs are:
Dear Maria, Count Me In
Break Out! Break Out!
Six Feet Under The Stars.
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A Tribe Called Quest. Just like Vintage_X_Metal said about rap music. Don't assume all the crap on the radio today is what real rap is. It's not. Today's music is filled with songs for the clubs which lack content and focus on beats to dance to in the club. Anyways A Tribe Called Quest mixes up jazzy, funk beats with a nice chill laid back flow of lyrics. Truly a great listen.

I recommend listening to their song "What?" and "Verses From The Abstract"

Matchbox Twenty

There music is so different and unique. Yeah you could define them as Pop/Rock, but you can't deny a good listen and IMO they are good and tasteful. Rob Thomas's vocals combined with the music of the band provides a nice feel. On top of that Rob and everyone else's contribution to their composition of their songs is harmonious. Rob's lyrics are genius also. He provides poetry within music with analogies, metaphors, and details that bring the emotion of the song out in the open.

I recommend listening to "The Difference" "Hang" and "Bright Lights" for slow and mellow, and "Disease" and "Feel" for a grittier and harder feel.
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When most people think of Queen, they think of one of three songs: Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are the Champions, and We Will Rock You. They do so much more! They dabble in blues, folk, disco, flamenco-style, rockabilly, dixieland, vaudeville, classical, hard rock, choir, and even what sounds like early thrash metal. Some sample tracks you may not have heard by Queen:

'39 - Space folk
Fun It - Disco
Stone Cold Crazy - Thrash Metal-esque
Good Company - Dixieland
Who Needs You - Flamenco-esque
Dreamer's Ball - Acoustic blues
Seven Seas of Rhye - Zeppelin-style hard rock
Sleeping on the Sidewalk - Electric blues
Seaside Rendezvous - My personal favorite. =P

Panic at the Disco
Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before. They're emo. Wrong! They're popular. So? My little sister listens to them! GET OVER IT. Panic puts out some quality material. Listen to their compositions and lyrics, and you'll see what I mean when I say I'm feeling a new-age Beatles coming on. Oh, and I was thinking that since their first album. Their follow-up only proves it further. Throwing out their big beat, hurried sound from their first album, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, they opt for vintage amps and full orchestration in their sophomore release Pretty. Odd. They sound more like the Beatles than ever. I say that mainly because of their style of composition. And for those of you who complain about the singers voice, quit your whining. I'd rather listen to his voice than hear you complain about him anyday. Here's a good batch of songs:

Build God, Then We'll Talk
Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks
Northern Downpour
Behind the Sea
Mad As Rabbits
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i just want to know what the **** happend

Everyone and their mom listens to Opeth, they are the most boring group in metal.
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EARLY Metallica

Great Riffs, amazing bass, incredible solos, but crappy live vocals

Listen to Fade to Black, Four Horsemen, Blackened, and Orion. NOTHING LIVE!! seriously, James can't sing live
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Circle Jerks

Awesome early punk, hard vocals, hilariously awesome songs

Listen to Beverly Hills, Wild in the Streets, World Up My Ass

Get the DVD Circle Jerks Live at the House of Blues
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Russian Circles !!!!!!!!!
and Big Blind but that's no very known to anyone outside Holland... and even in Holland it's a small band...
but above great!
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early Suicidal Tendencies

Great guitar, true punk, just an awesome band

Listen to Institutionalized, Subliminal, I Saw Your Mommy, and Suicidal Failure

Fu Manchu

Awesome guitar, good groove, good covers

Listen to the entire King Of The Road album and Hung out to Dry and Moving in Stereo
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Okay, I know I've already done this but I'm going to do this again:


-A beautiful, chaotic, screamo band. They have some really heavy songs, some pretty songs and breakdowns, and some really depressing songs but all of their music is extremely passionate. I'm actually listening to them right now.

-The Sweetness and the Light, Some Natures Catch No Plagues, The Burden of Reflecting
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Why is Panic at the disco considered emo? I listened to a couple of their songs out of the curiosity of people calling them emo, but I don't here anything whiny except for the sound of the dude's voice. No offense to fans of them, but fall out boy and panic at the disco's vocal style is too unpleasant. sounds like they're having a panic attack (no pun).
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The Doors,Kiss,The Who.

The Doors-Five To One
Kiss-I love It Loud
Th Who-My Generation,Substitute
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Megadeth, get off the damn Metallica all the time and find out Megadeth is better.
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Quote by jv_music
Why is Panic at the disco considered emo? I listened to a couple of their songs out of the curiosity of people calling them emo, but I don't here anything whiny except for the sound of the dude's voice. No offense to fans of them, but fall out boy and panic at the disco's vocal style is too unpleasant. sounds like they're having a panic attack (no pun).

I think you answered your own question bud.
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Is that a ukulele in your pants, or did you just rip ass to the tune of "Aloha Oi"?

I met Sonic Youth on June 30th, and Mars Volta on Oct 20th.
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Quote by soundgarden19
I think you answered your own question bud.

huh? mean the fact they sound like they're having a panic attack? but that's not supposed to define emo. emo is like:

"i hate my ****in life so i'm gonna inflict pain upon myself with this very, very, very sharp razor. (hopefully rusted)" and **** like

"if i can't have you girl then there's no point in living. and i can't have you cause i'm so much a loser that's why you don't want me."

well, idk. i guess.
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complex band, very "out there" and creative.

Lateralus, Forty-Six & 2, 4 Dregrees


Red Hot Chili Peppers(I've met 2 people who haven't liked them)

very eclectic band, form funk metal to alternative rock. amazing guitarist

Zephyr Song, Give it Away
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