i had this guitar for 2 years since i started so i am looking for something below $300. from what i heard what i got now sucks so much so i think anything picked wisely with that budget will be better. i think i need something with a quick neck and lets me play solos quite clean and easily, but i also play some heavily distorted stuff. currently i'm looknig at the esp ltd f-50, what's wrong with it?
The Peavey Raptor EXP was my first guitar too, I got an Epi G-400 and it just blows the Raptor away. Completely.
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Anything below $300 won't be much of an improvement.
I'd save up to at least $400 and buy something nicer. also,
don't just throw away your guitar cuz someone says it sucks.
you won't get another double-locking trem on a $200 guitar.

ANYWAY, Ibanez Rg's are nice in the 200's.
Ibanez RG2EX2. I had that and I thought it was a good guitar. It has a quick neck, 24 frets, designed by EMG pickups (if you like that kind of thing), and it looked really cool as well.
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thanks for the recommendations but what's wrong with the f-50? how do u guys think it would compare to the raptor?