Which pedal should I get? Right now Im mainly looking at the MXR Dyna Comp and Boss CS-3. I play mainly Rock and some metal.
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If you especially need the sustain effect, you'll want the CS-3. The Dyna comp is just a compressor and does not increase your sustain a whole lot. What's your budget? The Barber comp or Keeley are much nicer but cost a bit more.
The dynacomp and supercomp really don't add that much sustain? Hmm... I thought all compressors would add sustain.
well, generally do the same thing. one may be 'better' than the other. Thanks for clearing that up though, because I am a future supercomp owner.
All compressors do the same thing, but compressor/sustainer is a different circuit. There is a significant difference in sustain between a dynacomp and a CS-3. Any compressor will increase sustain, but a compressor/sustainer is very different. Try to play them if you can.
I have played the CS-3, but from what I have heard, the supercomp does a much better job. So you are suggesting they do different things. I understand that there is no 'sustain' knob on the compressors like on the CS-3, but does that really limit them?

oh yeah, sorry about the thread steal.
It does limit them to a degree. Think of putting the sustain knob of the CS-3 at a little over halfway- it will increase the sustain, but not a huge amount and it is a limiting factor. If you just want a compressor, the dynacomp sounds better to my ears. However, if you are looking to primarily increase the sustain you'll need something like the CS-3
The Keeley Compressor is very nice.
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