I own an Ashdown MAG 300 bass amp, and it has a D.I. output on it. Recently I played a gig with a quite professional pa, so I asked the pa-guy if he could just plug it straight into the amp, wich would of course be very handy, but he mumbled something about phantom current and just plugged my bass straight into the board... So my question is: is it safe to use my D.I. output with phantom current??
Sorry I don't have an answer, but I've seen these "phantom current" things on items before, such as the Sansamp Bass Driver DI I am interested in. What is this phantom currect thing exactly? Again sorry I don't have an answer for you.
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if the sound engineer is talking about phantom power then surely he can switch that off on the mixer and it would work fine. however just correct me if I'm wrong and phantom current is a totally different thing.

Ive used the DI on my mag 300 for pretty much all my gigs, no problems about phamtom current.

EDIT: yeah if the DI is an active one then it requires phantom power just like a condenser mic
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My Mag 300's DI worked fine through the PA when I play.
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There's absolutely no point in sending phantom power to a balanced DI output on an amp. The amp is already powered. Like Fiw said, you only need to send phantom power to potentially unpowered units like DIs and condenser mics.

IIRC, it is actually bad for your amp if phantom power is sent.