I know this is a silly question but, Is putting a capo on the fith fret or higher a taboo in the guitar world? I know ive seen some people put capos on maybe 8th or 9th fret and have gotten crap because its that high. But is putting a capo on the fith fret to high?
you dont need a capo on the fifth fret. just play a string higher. and dont take **** from people about where your capo is... it shouldnt matter if your playing is better/easier.
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Do whatever the hell you want with it. It really doesn't matter, music is an art. Its open to new things, go ahead, its been done plenty of times. weather its a taboo or not really shouldn't phase you. If you find reason to, then do it.
Well, your right that is kind of a silly question, it's fine to place a capo that high, you just need to know what sound you want, i often play it on the 6th and 7th frets and its fine, you just need the right kind of tune to play.
There's a lot of songs with capos on the 5th fret. As for the 8th or 9th fret, the guitar just kind of starts to sound like a ukelele or something. Plus, you could just tune down to C to accomplish the same thing as an 8th fret capo, but with more range.
Thanks guys, sorry im very paranoid when it comes to silly insignificant stuff.