I want to get an acoustic soon and I dont play acoustic very often on the one i borrowed from my friend so I dont want to spend more on one i may not play a lot. But I still want it to sound decent. Does the Yamaha F335 shown at this site good or should i go for something a little more expensive. My price limit is $250. Here's the site: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Yamaha-F335-Acoustic-Guitar?sku=512940
For $250 you could buy some decent guitars that will absolutely crush that F335. Try the Fg700s, it's a solid top/nato back and sides thats $200.
The F335 was my first guitar. It's probably the best guitar you can get for $150, but for $250 you can definitely get something better. I second the FG700s recommendation from Siren Silently, and you should get one with a solid top--it makes a huge difference--but you should go to a store and try a few out to see what you like in a guitar.