I would get sick 5 minutes into that...
Play the man, Master Ridley; we shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.
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thanks i just ended up spittin my coke all over my screen from LOLing

May the Force be with You.
Carmel is hawt
Oh yeah, I'd love that chair when I'm using my tablet and trying to draw in photoshop.

"I keep drawing circles!"
It's just stupid........ the woman "balancing books" was clearly struggling
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I only do that on MSN, and I get many complaints about it.

F&F will have cyber sex with you on MSN. He's a bit handsy though.

I have become..... METACARPI!!!!

I wish


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It's really hard to believe that the commercial is serious.
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I'd rather listen to my parents having sex than LCD Soundsystem.
Go to the website! It says "At just 20 minutes a day, you can hula your way to a sexier slimmer you!"

Yeah, 20 minutes a day for 80 years...

And they don't even have enough money to publish the entire video on the website!
wtf haha
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Unless you're sure she likes you, telling her you like her has a 110% chance of failing.

But hey, at least you have a 10% chance of absolutely guaranteeing failure.
heiy guysr ifm uosjuing it whivle okvn UG!1

but seriously though, americans will do anything that doesn't take effort
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"that feels great on my abs"
i thought he was gonna say ass
Yea that's right, I want something to explode

I've been deaf, now I want noise

lmao *throws up in a continious circle*
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▼ but he is ▼
The only thing I really noticed, aside from the latent lunacy, was that the chick at 0:27 was kinda hot.


Oh god, I haven't laughed that much in ages!!! Thankyou for bringing this into my world, Mr.TS!

lmao i learned the tune on guitar just for the lolz.
now i wont forget this stupid idea
When i die, i wanna be burried upside down...so that anybody who doesnt like me can kiss my ass.

marilize leguana!
Quote by Bennetts_strat

Oh god, I haven't laughed that much in ages!!! Thankyou for bringing this into my world, Mr.TS!

Lol, I am still baffled how anyone would pass this for production, let alone buy it.
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