Hello all First post so be gentle.

Okay so the situation is that I've been playing for about 9 months now and my stratocaster is starting to annoy me. I'm thinking about getting some new pickups for her and i wanted some suggestions because i have done some research but i'd like some input on what i've discovered.

First off im prolly gona spend around 300-400 dollars when i take her in to do a spring replacement and get all the pickups switched. Its a 5 channel and with a rosewood fret and an alder body. The sounds that i wanna get out of this guitar will mainly be heavy rock distortion. So high outputs for ridiculous pinch harmonics a decent amount of sustain and most of all a really aggressive sound. Now using those characteistics what would work best. Ceramic or Alnico? Double stacked or single coil? DC res or resonant peak? Neck Bridge or Mid?

I've had some thoughts on some configurations using Dimarzio EMG and Seymour Duncan and this is what i've come up with for the sound im looking for

Bridge: SLSD-1 Li'l Screamin' Demon(S&D) or Super Distortion S DP218 (Di) or Fast track 2 DP182
Mid: Blackout Single AS-1(S&D) or Pro Track(Di)
Neck: SHR-1 Hot Rails(S&D) or Chopper DP184(Di)

Suggestions Please!
I agree. You could get a nice guitar(Ibanez maybe for your style?) for $400.
Thanks for the advice guys what your suggesting makes sense to me. I was thinking the reason id upgrade these pickups is that eventually when i do get a new guitar i can just move these ones over to that one. Im thinking about staying with a stratocaster just probably upgrading to the fender version. The stratocaster itself though is it a good option for the sound i want to get out of a guitar?
For the sound you want you might want to look at a guitar coming with active pickups (EMGs, etc.)
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