So, i need 350 dollars before 8 weeks to buy a guitar. Im 14, have no job and cant get one because of child labor laws. So, how do you guys make money when it seems impossible?
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Steal it, prostitution etc.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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I started working when i was 14. The manager apparently didnt look at my application and hired me. Thought i was already 16. Didnt matter though, i turned 15 a month later.
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so yeah, now i have poop floating around in my ballsack.
a bunch of my friends who are 15 have jobs. They just get under minimum wage.
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Where do you live? Most places let you work when you're 14, it's just that most businesses don't.

You can always mow lawns, babysit, etc.
Oh, as for making money, i usually have left over weed, beer, or other types of stuff kids like...i just sell that. But your only 14...mow some lawns or something.
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so yeah, now i have poop floating around in my ballsack.
mow lawns, baby sit... uhh play music with your acoustic (assuming you have one) and make some cash that way.
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Mow lawns/shovel snow.
Ask small convenience stores if you can work after school stocking shelves or sweeping or somthing. (I did that when I was 12)
Most grocery stores will hire 14 - 15 year olds to wrangle carts in the lot or bag groceries.
Go around the neighborhood asking old people if they need help doing odd jobs.

The options aren't grand, but they're there.
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You can get a job, it'll just be harder for you since businesses aren't too willing to hire anyone under 16.
at 14 you can get a job if you can find a place that will hire you

my suggestions:

play music outside of sports/other big events
sell stuff you dont use
do extra chores around home for around $10 a week
pocket your lunch money (a lot of money can be made there)
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