A friend of mine plays acoustic but he's gonna start playing small shows and he was thinking of getting a pickup and an amp for the acoustic. Price range would be under 800. The less the better.
depends on what kinda sounds he wants and what he plans on playing it through. i personally love k&k sounds pure western minis they are somewhat easy to install and the pickup plus a preamp is under 200 dollars U.S. including insured shipping. i reviewed the transducers in the electronics for acoustics section i would recommend giong there and reading my review as well as the products reviewed by others. you may find what you are looking for their.
I heard an LR Baggs M1 Active running through a Larrivee 09 series a few weeks ago. let's just say... that for a soundhole pickup, it sure doesnt sound like one. it sounds clear and crisp, which is exactly what all acoustic guitarists really want. Because it's active, it also doesnt need a preamp either. if you want to use the preamp so that you can mold the sound to your liking, you could always get the passive version of the M1 and then run a preamp though it.

the M1 active is around $200. the passive is about... $130?
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