Does anyone here own a rondo music strat or tele copy? I own an agile lp 2000 that I am so freakin happy with. Love it to death. But, of course, I am attracted to the classic strat look. I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience with basically any other guitar from rondo music besides the agile series.
ive got a black douglas shadow
(the cheapest les paul copy)

i got it before they came out with the cherry sunburst finish.

but anyways
i love it
it sounds great
better than any other epiphone les paul
I had an SX SEG-1, kinda an Ibanez RG knockoff. I couldn't get a good sound out of it at all. Too thin, even without using the single coil. Tons of buzz, 1 dead note. Kept tuning in standard, but the minute I tuned to anything else, I'd have to retune every 30 seconds. Couldn't get a pinch harmonic out of it, no matter how many positions I tried it in.

My SX bass is fantastic though, on par with a MIM Fender Jazz. I'm also in the hunt for a strat copy, so I've ordered a Jay Turser. I've actually played the same model, and it was fantastic. So I'll see how that goes. If it's any good I plan to invest a ton of money in it. Lace Sensors ftw.
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