They missed out the ESP Shinigami
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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some of those are completely ridicules...including some of the multi-neck guitars
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the sword one and the one below it with the double neck and the harp strings (i think?) are pretty sweet..but some of them look pretty retarded to play lol
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holy shat a hairy wangcaster!

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*Totally wants the pac-man one*
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I really like the sword one, I'd love to play some Power Metal on that as it'd totally do the guitar well
The Sword Guitar, Cheese Guitar and the orange-ish Dragon guitars would be fun to play. Mind you, I'd rather play this:

What? No Ant Farm Guitars? I
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that ESP is so "awsome".

It's my favourite "crazy" guitar.
I've seen the ak-47 one before, the dragon head one is crazy lol.
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that wangcaster is the funniest guitar ive ever seen!!!!
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I do not think I can play the wangcaster without it being very...awkward.
ive played the butterfly one! they have it down the street at the local music store!

feels like a banjo=)

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i always like page's double neck sg--- but if anyone else uses a doubleneck they look like posers..

Yea... John Maclaughlin is a total poser...
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