Greetings all. So me and my buddies are finally getting our band going. I'm way excited but the only problem is that none of us know very much about live audio. I know my guitar and my amp, but we will be needing to get some sort of system for live audio. We mostly play progressive metal and that sort of thing. I was looking at Musician's Friend and found these pieces. What do you guys think of it as a starting setup? Also, is there anything else we should need? Here's the list:
American Audio VLP300 Power Amplifier
Behringer EURORACK UB1202 Mixer
Behringer EUROLIVE P1020 10" 2-way Speaker (x2)
Sennheiser e822S Dynamic Microphone with Stand, Cable and Clip
Squier by Fender SQ-Sub Subwoofer

This all comes out to about $600 which will probably be what our general price range is. Any help would be much appreciated.
i would go with active speakers versus a poweramp/powered mixer


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You would need either of these:

Guitar > Pedals > PA > Speakers
Guitar > Amp (if its loud enough stop here) > Amp Output > PA > Speakers

thats the sort of jist of it, ive never had to set up a live rig before so research more in to it

this might help : http://www.musicianuniversity.com/courses/live_sound_guide.html

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Few things to consider, do you plan to mic the drums?
The venues size
Mic amps?
That should be good, dont know about that sub though.
As for the mic, consider an SM-58, some of the best mics you'll ever run into and wont need to upgrade for a while.
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