My name's Justin Smart. I'm moving to Columbus, Ohio (Grove City) in a month for school, and was looking for some people to jam with.

I'm a guitarist, and am currently in a band (www.reverbnation.com/paridyme or www.myspace.com/paridyme) as lead guitar and second vocalist -- you can hear my singing vocals in Waiting and No Regrets, my screams in Where I Am and Consumed, and guitar solos in No Regrets and I'm the Same. I'd love to actually make the move to lead vocals and perhaps some rhythm guitar, but I'm up for anything and everything.

As far as bands I like / am influenced by...
(no particular order, just as they come to mind)
Three Days Grace
Alice in Chains
Audioslave / Rage
Stone Sour
Story of the Year
Disturbed (mostly first album)

I'd love to do anything in the above ilk, but am also up for even harder stuff.

More misc. BS:
**The recordings on my current band's Reverbnation and MySpace pages were entirely mixed, produced, and mastered by myself -- not a studio. I do a lot of computer-based mixing, editing, and production. I'm not perfect, but it's a hella lot cheaper than studios when you're doing it for free.

**I've been playing guitar for 5 years, singing for longer. I'm not extremely great with solos, but am an extremely comfortable rhythm player.

**I'm looking for a new band, as the one I'm in just doesn't seem to be going anywhere; probably because our singer isn't the greatest, and no one is willing to shift the line-up.

**Like all guitarists who have been in a band, I can also play drums. If you need someone to fill in the slot and already have a kit, let me know about that, too. XD

**Yes, I can hit the high notes in Man in the Box by Alice in Chains. I LOVE doing Godsmack, and can also do most Linkin Park singing vocals.

Contact Me
You can of course shoot me a message here on UG, or head to my personal MySpace (get to it off my band's MySpace; top friends, I'm Justin, guitarist for Paridyme, of course) and send me a message there.