Need one in one of those packages because my parents will only buy one of those and it has to be around $350 or less. I am completely new to guitars.

My hands measure 7.5 inches from bottom of palm to top of middle finger if that helps, i like classic rock/bluesish type music.

I had it narrowed down to either an ibanez or epiphone but now i'm lost...

which pack do you think has the highest quality guitar and/or would be best for me? please help??

thanks in advance.
You can't get it separate?
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check it out, its a beginner guitar if I ever saw one....
I personally own this electrical guitar pack. The guitar is a great guitar and feels great, not too heavy, not too light, 21 frets and 3 Fender single-coils. Comes with headphones and a cable too. The amp has two channels, clean and overdrive, both of which sound great, only the overdrive takes a little experimentation. These terms may not mean much to you right now, bu ask around at a guitar store about these different things and they will make more sense. This was my first electric guitar, and I still play it every day (I've been using it for about four months now) but overall I've been playing guitar for over two years. I know what I'm talking about . Now on the other hand this Squier HSS guitar pack (the title has "HSS" meaning that they have a different type pickup. The other guitar is an SSS guitar) seems better because of the amp (this pack is the one I'm talking about: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Squier-Start-Playing-HSS-Strat-Pack-with-GDEC-Jr.?sku=512577).
It has effects in it, a metronome, and that type stuff. The key here is really the HSS versus SSS guitar and the effects in the amp. The H in HSS means Humbucker, which is a type of device that sends the sound of the guitar to the amp, which makes it louder. It has a different sound than S's, which are Single-coils. Try an SSS and an HSS Squier (or Fender, which is basically the same thing) Stratocaster out at a guitar store (like Guitar Center), to hear the difference. Also, if you'd like to have effects, note that the HSS guitar pack DOES have them, but the other one (the one I talked about first) doesn't. And the HSS does not have a jack for a headphone, but the other pack does. I am not talking about the other packs, but I can tell you that Ibanez, Epiphone, and Squier are all good and well-known guitar brands. The other brands of these packs are less well-known, but I don't know much about them. I am personally not a big fan of Ibanez, but then again I've never used one. Lol. I guess I'm superstitious or something. I've never tried out Epiphone guitars, but from what I've heard, they are great guitars. And they are owned by Gibson, just like Squiers are owned by Fender, and Fender and Gibson are probably the two best guitar companies out there. Enough said. I only really talked about Squiers, so get peoples' opinions of the other packs too .
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The guitar in those starter packs might be ok, but the amps are usually pure crap. Buy the guitar and amp separately as you will get better gear that way. A squier guitar should be ok, but for a first amp the roland microcube would be your best bet as its not too expensive but it has effects to play around with and is good quality.
Any pack by Squier or Epiphone will do great for the type of music your looking to play. I personally would go with Squier.

and something like


Will work very nicely (I haven't tried the cubes but I've heard some good things about them). The HSS strat is a VERY versatile instrument, with the right equipment I can play anything from Metallica to Eric Clapton to Paige. I've been playing for about 3 years on this guitar, but have been needing an upgrade Not that it's a bad guitar, it's awesome for the price!
Seriously.. Get this. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Laguna-Ultimate-Rock-Rack-Electric-Guitar-Pack-with-Spider-III-15W-Amp?sku=515204
Laguna isn't a very popular brand, but I'm telling you, that guitar beats out all Guitar Pack guitars by a mile. The amp is pretty good as well (For a beginner).
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I brought my electric to school w/ no amp and started playing it, and some guy was like "I can barely hear it, and it doesn't sound all cool. I think it's a fake guitar"

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