Hey this is a song I wrote a while back and I'm thinking of recording it but I want a few opinions.

It's called Purgatory and it's pretty metal, but it's got a little of the softer side of things. It's about 4:30 long.

EDIT: Okay, I'm removing the first link, I just figured out how to embed and attach in the actual post =)

Thanks for any replies/comments. =D
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very nice,

i liked the intro riff, very heavy, some singing/screaming would go well there
the 3/4,3/4,3/4,4/4 part was cool and creative
bars 40 and 41 sounded creepy with all of that dissonance
bars 72 and on sounded really good with those "let ring" notes

the only negative thing was that some parts seemed too slow compared to the rest of the song and seemed to drag on. But with vocals that would solve that problem right away.

Overall great job, 8.5/10

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I really liked that, but I was expecting a solo somewhere in there, it could go quite well in between bars 79-80, but whatever it's your song. But overall I thought it was a great metalcore song with good riffs.