Im trying to send vocals into a Guitar amp, a Crate something. My friend recently started to sing for our band, and he brought a SHure microphone and a XRL to 1/4 cable, everything was quiet, duh.

So i call up my music store to ask about a mic pre, and he says that all i need is some adapter, 17 dollars later, still no worky.

Last wekend i ordered a benhringer phantom power supply, It still made no difference at all in the volume of the mic.

What do i need to make this work right now until i can get a pa system?
Vocals + guitar amp = bad idea. You could damage the speaker.


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did you turn the mic on? i run a shure through a guitar amp and it works fine.
im not sure what the model is, but i know its meant for vocals

maybe im hoping too much that it will be as loud as my guitar when i play through my amp?
Maybe you need to slow down.

1) Is the microphone plugged in? Is the cable functioning?

2) Is the microphone turned on?

3) Does the microphone even work? Have you tested it through anything other than a guitar amp?

4) Is the amp on?

If you answered yes to all of those, theres no reason you wouldn't get a signal. Stop going out and buying things when you don't even know what you're trying to fix.
you dont want phantom power for a dynamic mic. its not going to do anything. phantom power is for stuff like condensor mics that need power to operate. a simple mic pre-amp is probably going to be your best bet here. however, its still not going to be able to make the signal louder than the amp can handle. so if its a small amp, it just may not be able to get very loud.

A dynamic microphone, plugged into a guitar amplifier, through a 1/4" jack, can, and will, function and make your voice nearly as loud as it can make your guitar signal.

Something in your chain isn't right, and it isn't your amps fault.
It goes, Mi intro a XLR to XLR into the phantom power supplier then XRL to 1/4 into the guitar amps clean channel.
You do not need the phantom power supplier if your microphone is a dynamic microphone.

Try going Mic - Xlr -> 1/4" - amp

Does it not say on the microphone itself what it is? Brand, anything?
Well you see its in my friends basement. Either way, it isn't loud enough.

How many watt power amp would you suggest to get over two guitars, a bass and a very loud drummer?
Wait, so it went from not working at all to not being loud enough?

What exactly is the problem you're trying to fix?
well i learned a lesson today about phantom power. I plugged the mic into the amp and yes, there was sound, i thought that i could boost the signal with phantom power to make it louder, the way i do it at school plays with the floor mics and such, but its not a matter of that in my situation.

The vocals will only go as loud as the amp, and the amp just isnt loud enough to cut over the mix.
Phantom power is not a volume booster...

It's the means of powering active electronics in condenser, and some ribbon, mics. It will do nothing to make a microphone louder other than essentially turning those 2 types on.