im doing a project on christianty in rome and I have one sorce that says christianity started when jesus was born, and onther that says it started when he died.. which one is it!?!?!
i would say it developed during his lifetime as people started to follow and learn from him
it started when he was born because it was prophicied a long time before hand
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What about the disicples following him, believing he was the Messiah. What was that?
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What about the disicples following him, believing he was the Messiah. What was that?

i have no idea really im just ****in with him
It started DURING his life, when he had disciples

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No. Christianity was born when Jesus was risen from the dead, and when he promised to BRB.
It doesn't really matter which you say, as it developped throughout his life, though the Bible was created later, so you can look up the exact date for that if you want to use that as the official starting point.
You can't definately define when it began

Beleifs and teachings gathered while he was alive and also after the died

just say it began in the 1st century AD
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Officially began? As in developed an 'official canon'? Carthage. Cant remember the year.
No, his followers during his life wanted to create a new sect of judaism, because they thought he was the messiah. but it wasnt till he died and peter began to spread the word of christ that it became widespread and not a sect of judaism.
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Christianity is the belief that Jesus is the Savior for all mankind and that The Old Testament and Jewish beliefs were right until Jesus came along. So Judaism is older than Christianity, but then again they still don't have a savior. So simply it was when Jesus started His 'career' you could call it.
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When he died.
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it didnt really start as an independent religion until after he died.

during his life he was a Jew. he didnt start christianity. his followers did after he died.
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