Today i purchased the Zack Wylde Emg set you know the 81 and 85 anyway I was wondering if anyone could send me a wiring diagram for it with a 5 way toggle since I have a Ibanez rg5ex1.

However I do want to take my mid pickup out. I hardly ever use it on this guitar and it gets in the way a lot. So if anyone can tell me if I can wire it up like that without any problems that would be great.
heres the wiring diagram for those pickups off the emg site
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Yeah those came with it but they didn't have anything about a five way toggle or would a 3 way be wired the same just you know having the other 2 posistions as nothing so it would be silent.
It is because you cannot split the coils on the EMG.

When i installed my set, i asked the same question and thats what EMG said. Its either the bridge pup, both pups, or the neck pup. There is no position 2 or 4.
Ok so am I able to wire it with my 5 way toggle, will i need to buy a 3 way, or would I just wire it the same way.

sorry if I sound like a complete noob I know a bit with wiring but pickups are new to me.
^its fine. They sell 3-way and 5-way switches that look alike. I wired my 5 way the same and used only positions 1-3-5. I then bought a 3-way to avoid going to the positions i didnt use.

So yes, you can use your 5 way, but you might consider getting a 3-way later on.
Thank you that answered my question perfectly I took a look at the 5 way switch and i pretty much get it.

But yeah chances are ill eventually put in another volume, tone, Gibson toggle, and set it up like my les paul I love having that kind of setup.