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what guitars do you plan on getting in the future, lets just say you were famous or whatever, what would you have

For me:
My own custom american HSS strat with 24 frets, a maple neck, a floyd rose, a JB in the bridge, tex mex in the middle, and a hot rail in the neck, a white body with a black pickguard
American Deluxe stratocaster
Flying V stock
Exlporer stock
Explorer w/EMG 81/85 combo
Jackson Soloist SL1 with sanded neck
all the guitars i have now.
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As many as possible?
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if i had enough money maybe around 5-7
like 2-3 acoustics and one classical and the rest electrics
Epiphone Les Paul Classic
Boss GT-8
Breedlove AD/25 SR Plus

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I'd have better places to spend money so probably like 10. Maybe not even. right now I'm extremely happy with the one guitar I got so maybe only 3... Who knows.
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if I had the money?


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Well, for electrics I would get:
A PRS Custom 24
PRS 513
An 80's MIJ Strat
An American Tele
and then another of each

Acoustics (I know brands, not models):
A Breedlove
A couple Gibsons
An Ibanez
More than I need.
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In the near future? 4.

My Les Paul
My Acoustic
A Tele
Something with high- output pickups and an OFR, maybe a Schecter Hellraiser V?
Are you serious? Every guitarist out there would buy as many as he or she could if they had the money. I know I would.
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Not too many. No more than 10.
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prs 513
gibson firebird VII
parker fly mojo seasons fall
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Meh, Ive only got three more guitars to add to my collection, then I think I'm done. My tele (which should arrive in a week or so), that Danelectro that looks like a soapbar (dont think they make it left-handed though) and a Rickenbacker of some form.
I have no idea. I have three now, and I'm getting a fourth, then when I'm 18 and get my compensation from accident, I am going to get a Gibson Les Paul Standard, so that's 5. Then any extra. I know for a fact though I'll end up getting a flying V when I'm about 20 if I don't get one this year.
as many as i can afford. my next guitar would be the shecter avenger.
Ibanez RG2ex2
mega distortion md-2
Metal Muff
Marshall MG microstack
Line 6 spyder hd75 halfstack
Sonic Stomp
Schecter Damien 6
I'm thinkin 9 if i get famous, 5 if I dont.
My obligatory gear list

Schecter C-1 Classic
Gibson SG Special
1987 Fender Strat
Epiphone PR-150

Amp and Effects
Peavey Valveking 112
Boss DD-6
Crybaby Wah-wah
Ibanez TS-9DX
Banshee 2 Talkbox

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well right now i have 4 guitars and 1 bass, one of which is custom, but i would love a Shector Omen, or something along that line, but i would never want more than 6, just because i have trouble maintaining the 5 that i have, so it would just get worse
Ive currently got:

Ibanez IC-300
Dean Far Beyond Driven Tribute ML
Ibanez GIO120DX
Jackson KSV10

I plan on getting:

An ESP of some variety
A Mexican strat
A 7 string of some variety, possibly another Ibanez.
A Baritone of some kind, probably a KXK Warrior V.

Oh and if I ever track one down like I've been trying to for the past 3 years, a Daron Malakian Signiture Ibanez Iceman.

So overall... 8 or 9 guitars, although I'll probably end up with about 15-20 because I'm an addict.
maybe like 15
my RG and probly lots of homemade guitars and some LPS and SGs and Vs and a good 6 acoustic and 12 acoustic
Ibanez sz720fm,Ibbly RG350DX, Custom Tele-> Dunlop 535Q->RAT Pro co II-> Ibanez Fuzz->Marshall Haze 40.
Tascam US-800 and a hand full of Mics into Nedundo 4

my music, new recording on the way in 2014

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Upcoming Shows:
Sasquatch! Festival - May 2013

B.C. Rich Custom 7-string V - for Bb or A tuning (solo work)
B.C. Rich Custom Stealth (HAVE IT!!!) - for E standard tuning (band work)
Schecter C-7 - Backup guitar.

And, I'm gonna pull an amp out of here:


Mesa Mark I or
ENGL Blackmore
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Oh another thing... I can also see myself buying a Epi LP Custom (Alpine white) when I'm older. I would get a Gibson with my compensation but they're like £2,500 or something (The customs).
i would have 6-7, but i would buy them according to how much i like em

1. Gibson Explorer, alpine white, rear routed, Seymour Duncan Screamin' Demon in bridge, all gold hardware, Tune-o-Matic bridge
2. ESP Ex, snow white, Seymour Duncan Blackouts, Floyd Rose, all gold hardware, 24 frets, frets 12-24 scalloped.
3. Schecter Avenger, snow white, Floyd Rose, Seymour Duncan Invaders, neck thru, gold hardware
4. Gibson Les Paul, wine red, AAA maple flametop, gold hardware
5. Fender Stratocaster, Aztec Gold, maple neck and fretboard, chrome hardware
6. Ibanez Acoustic, wine red stain

as you can see, i love white and gold guitars =)
Peavey XXX combo *upgraded screen resistors, Tung-Sol's, and 6L6's*
Schecter Syn Std. * modded, scalloped, and worn*
Schecter C-1 Elite *still sexy*
Ibanez AEL 12-string

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id have a nice fender
a nice custom gibson
i nice little ltd i test played today and i fell in love with
and some exotic one nobody has ever heard of.

and a couple nice acoustics. guild and something else
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A couple... A totally pimped out Squier Strat (working on it right now), a Jackson seven-string, a Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Robot, Epiphone SG, Fender '72 Tele, my small acoustic, a double-neck SG of some sort, and my own custom design SabreTooth guitar, made in 2069.
Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe
Boss DS-1
Crate GTD65

GAS List:
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster
i presently own 2 electric guitars, a classical acoustic guitar, and 1 bass guitar
I have 10 guitars and one bass... and a drum set......And a p.a. system..

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ive got a les paul strat 7 string, an ibanez, and 2 acoustics that pretty much covers all the bases. just get a prs custom and a piezo pickup lol.
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I'd have like 10 or so something like that
Ya, I said it...

I'm a beast... you can't deny it.
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