I thought it would be cool if everyone posted what college or university they go to, what program they are in and what they plan on doing with their life.

School: Humber College, Toronto

Program: Creative Advertising, BA

Plan: Well I was hoping everything was gonna be cheery and I would go straight out of college into an ad agency, but after learning more and more about consumerism and what not I'm almost starting to hate myself and what I would be doing to the world, so I'm stuck at the moment.
School: University of Texas (Austin)

Program: Electrical Engineering

Plan: Not too sure yet. I'll probably go back to school for my master's once I graduate, and I haven't really planned that far ahead after that. Get a job somewhere, find out where I'm gonna live, blah blah blah. I'll deal with it when I need to.
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going to college next year...

plan: i have absolutetly no idea what to do!!... im torn between mechanical engineering or a music degree... im getting really worried that i cant decide
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Plan: Get a band of really talented musicians.
Make sweet sweet music
Become famous

At the least: Studio Musicians with a job with computers.
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going to college next year...

plan: i have absolutetly no idea what to do!!... im torn between mechanical engineering or a music degree... im getting really worried that i cant decide

Take engineering. I'm finishing my music degree and going into electrical in the fall.
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at the moment nothing to be honest. all i do is play guitar and sit around depressed at home because of my best friend living far away from me or being too busy with school ****. i need to determine what college to go to and all that, the pressure from my schools guidance counselor is really getting to me it's annoying.
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College : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

Program : Mathematician.

Plan : Finish college, go for my Masters, start doing research/ lecturing. Get some kind of scholarship to study my PHD somewhere else.
Then research
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School: McMaster University (Ontario)

Program: Mechatronics Engineering

Plan: Well...right now me and my friend are developing a turbine engine that can be placed in cars (and also basically anywhere), and it's gonna help with providing energy to cars (and houses and whatever).

With my degree though, I would like to attempt to make driving an automatic process. I have a few ideas but it'll be interesting to see if it's possible, as it would make driving pretty safe and all you would have to do is get in and put in where you want to go (think Minority Report).

Other than that...I'll spend lots of time turning regular processes into automatic ones run by robots. I'd also like to get involved with space stuff, maybe do some work in/on the ISS (international space station). I suppose I'll also go grab a Masters and PhD some day in engineering too.

EDIT: There's a lot of engineers on this site haha...
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Last I checked, their is not to many females or guys under the legal age in college or university. That was really stupid.
School: somwhere

Plan: Something.
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School: somwhere

Plan: Something.

Of course, it's fool proof!
Currently, I'm a high school senior.

College: Either Berklee College of Music or Penn State University

Major: Music Composition with violin and guitar as my principle instruments

Career: Composing music for professional purposes such as advertising jingles, film scoring, studio production, private commissions, and for my own musical ensemble.

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