Yeah , another stupid thread.

So anyways, I decided to update limewire 4.14 to 4.16... and when the update completes, all my library is gone. I know the songs are still on the computer, but they wont show up on limewire. So i went back to 4.14 to be rid of the garbage.

I added the folder where all my songs were before, but nothing is the same. If i ever want to look in that folder it takes a good 10 seconds to open. Im assuming when i download something new that it will not go to that folder and the songs don't show up in the 'audio' section of the little navagation thing on the left.

I just want things back to normal, could anybody please help me out?

Thanks in advance.
and i sit and wonder, falling under .
Change the "save files to" folder in the options menu to your desired folder.
I guess so, the 10 second delay when opening this folder is really annoying though.
and i sit and wonder, falling under .