I'm looking at a guitar right now. It's a Sigma Martin, set up by Zager.

From what I've gathered, Sigma is like the Orville or Epiphone to Martin's Gibson - a budget line made in Asia. Zager basically modifies guitars to make them easier to play.

I'm looking for anyone to corroborate my knowledge, as well as anyone with experience with either. Thanks in advance.
I have a Sigma. Awesome guitar and from what I've heard Zager sets them up amazingly well.
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Please don't tell me I'm the only one that clicked this thread thinking I would learn how to make my guitar sound like a grizzly bear.
^ Would you say it plays as well as a Martin? That's what I'm mainly looking at it for, and there are someeae other Sigmas that I'm looking at as well.
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Unless you're a beginner or don't plan on playing any other guitars I would stay away from Zagers. The string spacing can really throw you off. I have had a few of them and sold them and went to "standard" Sigmas.

Throw in a Tusq saddle (comes in Zagers and is the reason they sound better), shave it down a bit, and they play/sound great (for only $200-300 new!). Definately a great value!

I play a DR1-ST as my beater, and I love it. If you have the choice I would go with the rosewood over mahogany. (I liked my DR1-ST better than DM1-STCE, as you can see by the one I still own.)
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The Sigma DR-28H from my collection is my favorite guitar (even against guitars 8 times the cost). It has real woods, scalloped bracing, great construction and is inexpensive. It feels so good to play. I would pick up another in a second!