... - Latest Flash Player = broken.

It keeps telling me to install the latest flash player, which I keep doing, and I still can't view any damn videos. Anyone know how to fix it?
I had this problem with Internet Explorer.. never could fix it so I got Firefox instead.

And yes I did try to get the latest version, I ran all my virus scanners and everything.. nothing seemed to work.. sorry to say
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are you using noscript? If so you have to allow youtube like 10 times for it to work.
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If you have No-Script, it will do that until you unblock it.
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If you have No-Script, it will do that until you unblock it.

+1 if that is his problem
I don't know what No-Script is, so I'm thinking not. However, it may be a possibility. How would I get rid of it?
in firefox, go to tools -> add-ons and look if you have adblock or noscript.
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You should probably formally download and install adobe flash from their website, making sure the browsers are closed when you do it.

And +1 on checking Noscript.
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Turning on Java won't help, Youtube uses flash.

You've obviously got the latest flash, so that's not the problem.

Try it in IE, if it doesn't work, it's probably flash. Un-install and re-install it.
I've had that. It worked on IE, just not on Firefox. After a couple of weeks, it went back to normal, though.
It's working on IE, but not Firefox. Lame. Oh well, stupid pointless computer glitches usually fix themselves anyways...