hey UG i was wondering how long it normally takes to develop a good clean sweep

ive been trying it out and i can get it pretty good just needs to be a little cleaner

are there any exercises that any of you would recommend?
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it all depends on how good you are at guitar lol. it's hard to say, for each person it's a lot different. some people pick it up a lot faster than others, but that's with everything. i'd recomend slowing it down and just playing scales and such. take it very slow at first, then just gradually try going faster.
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just keep practicing, i really like to sweep pick, do it clean so yuo can tell if you're hitting the right notes or not. just make something up probably combining sweep and double stroked picking to practice going in and out of sweeping
Slow and steady wins the race.

Those who practice arpeggios at slower speeds and work on accuracy and clarity will almost always have way way way better sounding sweeps in the end compared to those who crank up the metronome and tense up just to get a few more bpms in.

Patience is the key.
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I'm practicing by going through the major and minor arpeggios, and going from C on the way up to B on the way down. Its a good way to practice sweeping and also moving up and down the fretboard.
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practice, and keep your picking hand close to to strings, that way the strings are automatically muted from your palm.
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i have just started learning sweeping and in fact its not clean at all lol... but its a start... what i found that really got me started on them is practicing each hand seperate( get the good fingering and then get the right speed for your hand to sweep) after a while combine them. thats how i got my sweeping to actually sound like it lol
it took me like half a year to finally get it
im told i do it cleanly, so yea i guess i do
i really only know minor arpeggios for sweeping since its all i need to use for my genre
but just practice with a metronome and practice A LOOOOOT
hope i helped
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