This is called stay and is about to teens in love figuring out where to go next.

Let me speak if I may.
You are the world to me.
You really help me see.
This aint such a bad place to be.

Not so good over here.
Whisper in my ear.
Tell me there is nothing to fear.

I’ll tell you its okay.
Some day you will get away.
You’ll get out of this place.
You’ll run out of here like a race.
But there’s one thing I must face.
You don’t want to stay in this place.

Baby I got an idea.
A way in which I’ll always be here for ya.
I will go with you.
Into the ocean blue.
Across the Australian sky.
Cuz I never wanna say goodbye.
We can make this work.
Just please baby stay with me.

Whisper in my ear softly.
Words of the yellow moonlight.
A man’s sittin at his desk at night.
Plans what he’ll say in his mind.
Wants to give the ring with his love divine.

Stay stay beautiful girl.
Stay stay you are the world to me.
Hey now you can see.
You are everything that’s good in me.
Sing sing in my ear.
Bubbly words that will take away my fear.
Show me there’s more to life.
We’ll climb unreachable heights.
I’ll give you a little bite.
We’ll play and kiss all night.
And when the sun rises I’ll kiss you good morning.
How are you doin.
How my girl today.
Look at the blue sky.
Look at the sun shine.
I think it’s gonna be a beautiful day.

It’s getting better over here.
She doesn’t gotta whisper in my ear.
Cuz the girl of my dreams is right here.

Standin by me with that sweet long hair.
So nice and soft it gives me a scare.
She tickled my belly.
Cheap shot.
No fair.
I hug her like a bear.

Now we are both on top another.
Hysterically laughin with glee.
Just her and me.

Then we stop
I stare into my eyes then I ask,
She says what do you mean.
I say I’m with the girl of my dreams.
Kissin and playin it seems.
So unreal.
I cant even express how I feel.

Your laughter.
Your laughter.
Makes me want to sing to the pastor.
Makes my heart jump a little faster.
Your laughter.
Your laughter.

Makes me wanna go a little bit slower.
I wanna be here always for you.
Babe whatever you want me to do,
I’ll do for you.
She says,
Hey don’t worry so much about me.
Because as long as I have you I am happy.
We don’t need cars or games.
We don’t need rich or fame.
All I want is for you to stay.
Come with me when I go away.
Together we’ll travel the ocean blue.
Sing some songs and dance a bit too.
And you’ll whisper in my ear.
And take away my fear.