so i've being think latly i wanna build somthing, never really had the time but, school holidays have come around, i have a little bit extra cash so think i might build a bassic fuzz =]=]

i've look a round at other sites but best and simplest is this,


i have a few little things...

i dont know what the Q1 & Q2 are?

come one help ?
also is this a easy simple good sounding pedal?
They're transistors, and by the instructions they should be BC108 or BC109s. They shouldn't be too hard to get from a site like Smallbear.
cheers thanks, well i can't use small bear =[ bloody australia, but DSE shop will have most of them =] yeah,

does it look like it would be any good?? worth while building or not?
i mean i want a fuzz that will be decent you know to use
are the transistors npn or pnp? or neither?

I am interested in this :/

also, the reisistors at the top are an 820 ohm and 2002 ohm? I didnt know there were 2002 ohm resistors :/
NPN.....they have to be PNP or NPN they cant be neither.....

Yes there is a 820ohm resistor at the top. There is also a 2.2K resistor near the top.

There is a 0.22mF cap near the top right....I think thats what you think is the 2002...
ohh ok well one more question, i know this is probly stupid but yeah never built one,

do you use mono jacks or stereo ones?

or a combo of both, if so what and how???
Stereo for the input, mono for the output. You'll notice that the input jack has an extra terminal to turn the power on, which is why you need a stereo jack. You could use a mono jack and wire a switch to turn on the battery if you don't like to plug in every time you use the pedal.
thanks heaps well when i make this i'll post pics and make a thread about it ok tahsnk for all the help, i'll note you people as thanks