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Can anyone help me Identify a really old Cartoon Movie? I remeber it from when i was a kid but i cant recall what it was called or what it was about. I seem to remember there were Underwater Pirates, and the song "Cruisin For a Bruisin with a Bucaneer" As well as some ice Skating and Possibly a Whale. There was some evil person in it too i think. i need to figure it out for a French thing i have to do about my childhood

please and Thank ya
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But no seriously, I dunno to be honest - although I do recognize that for some reason

i did once ask my parents for a book with "Bare Nekid Bodies" in it

i was curious as to were Babies come from, thats it i sware!
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Uhh no, i dont think it was That old. and i think the Animation style was different. Thanks anyways tho

EDIT: Ahh no, i meen actual Cartoon not the Clay stuff mixed with real Actors like James and the Giant Peach

Tho that is a Solid Movie haha
Im pretty sure there was some Magic involved in the Movie im thinking of. There was some really Beautiful Castley Thing, and at one part the Main Guy went Ice Skating.

im tempted to say the main person was an Elephant but i dont think thats right... This is driving me Crazy!